What's the best way to get around in Albania?

Public transport in Albania, where available, is generally reliable and incredibly cost-effective. However, it does come with its drawbacks. As of 2023, the absence of trains in Albania means that the primary modes of public transport are buses and minivans. While they offer affordable options, both intercity and intracity journeys can be sluggish due to the absence of fixed schedules. Buses and minivans depart stations only when full, resulting in variable arrival times at destinations, contingent on departure times. Seeking advice directly from drivers is often your best bet for timing. Furthermore, it's worth noting that certain regions in the country lack any form of public transport coverage, even areas frequented by tourists.

For a smoother travel experience, opting for a rental car is highly recommended. Car rentals in Albania are remarkably affordable, with daily rates ranging between 20-90 USD, accompanied by an additional 10-20 USD for comprehensive insurance coverage. The cost primarily hinges on the chosen car type and the duration of the rental, providing you with flexibility and convenience to explore at your own pace.

Taxis are also a popular choice for transportation, slightly pricier than buses but significantly more budget-friendly compared to taxi fares in Western European countries. While not as economical as public buses, taxis offer convenience and comfort, making them a reasonable option for getting around the country.

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