Where do tourists originate from when visiting Albania?

The majority of tourists in Albania come from European countries. Here are the main source regions for tourists visiting Albania in 2022:

  • Europe: 6.9M tourists
    1. Central / Eastern Europe: 429k
    2. Northern Europe: 258k
    3. Southern Europe: 5.66M
    4. Western Europe: 4468k
    5. East / Mediterranean Europe: 103k
  • America: 177k
  • Middle East: 41k
  • East Asia and Pacific: 26k
  • South Asia: 10k
  • Africa 4.6k
  • Other / Not specified: 360k

When looking at specific countries, here are some of the main source countries for tourists visiting Albania:

  • Kosovo
  • North Macedonia
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • Germany, Poland, UK, France, other EU countries

Source: Instat

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